Portable Dvd Player

Portable DVD players are very convenient and that is there purpose. We have tried to find the best quality players at the cheapest prices. We didn’t want to show you prices that would make you shiver which is why we have kept a rule to keep the price sunder a hundred pounds. We have tested thee products to the following criteria. Build quality, picture quality and sound quality. After testing 124 of these players we have chosen these 8. All of these are very good and we were very impressed with them. The Philips we were especially impressed with. Why? Because the build quality was just superb as well as the picture. The picture was bright sharp and would compete even with the Samsung TV’s you see in the big brans shows like Curry’s.

A lot of these DVD players do swivel just in case there is more than one person watching thus the screen can be titled and turned for both your convinces. There are many reasons someone might want a portable DVD player, whether you travel a lot or you just prefer to have your screen close to you. I personally have the Sony which yes is bulky but is also very light and comes with very good sound quality. I use mine when travelling on the plane as I am on the road a lot. They are all amazing but if you are going for the absolute bets I would pick the Philips. Yes it is the most expensive but it also is the best, I personally think it looks the best also.

In terms of build quality we looked to see if they were flimsy or just made of cheap plastic that you see sometimes. We made sure that was not the case for all of the 8 products. When something is portable it also need to survive the wars due to the fact portable things such as the dvd players will get chucked about regardless of how much you try not to. We did drop these from small heights just to see what happened, there were some small cracks when we did this to the Hyundai but the rest were fine. In fairness we may have dropped the Hyundai from a higher drop.

It does show how much these are well built. The second thing we looked at was the picture quality which we were all surprised at with these, expecting ok picture quality in portable dvd players but to our surprise these were all amazing and sharp pictures. The next thing we looked at was the sound quality, we turned the volume up nearly all the way just to see the speaker quality in these which is very important, unless you are going to be using headphones. The Sony came away with the best and sharpest speakers. It got to the low sounds like explosions perfectly and the highs sounds as well. The rest couldn’t hit the lower notes very well but mid-range and high ranger were very good.

If you click the pictures of these DVD players you will be taken to the website we found you could get them cheapest. We also took in the warranty factor, with all these you get warranty from the site we have sent you to.